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Extract a Wavetable and a Hammer Sample from just a single audio file or multiple audio files (Accepts 44.1 or 48 kHz, 16bit .wav)

Upload Audio Files

  • Remove frequencies from the hammer audio that already feature in the wavetable. (0 = No Effect, 1 = Removes Fundemental Only, -1 = Removes all pitch information)

    Dull the sound of the hammer through a low pass filter. Set to zero to bypass or 200 - 1000 to soften the hammer sound

    Set the length of the Hammer Sample in seconds. Shorter is better. Fade out begins at the halfway point

    Phase Reduction limits the amount of phase modulation in the wavetable and smoothes the playback quality.
    90% recomended. 100% creates a more rigid static sound, 50% is more natural but can create audible artefacts in the wavetable
    Optionally remove percussive noise in the wavetable. This can help in achieving a cleaner sound with less percussion artefacts.

    Optionally remove clicks and buzzing sounds usually heard at the start of soft sounding wavetables.

    Create Preset

    Create a Pianophonic Preset from Resynthesised files or upload custom Wavetables and Hammer Files (.wav)

    Upload Processed Files

    If you are uploading previously saved wavetables or custom wavetables

    Sets the number of keys a single wavetable is assigned to before being resampled, 1 = high quality, 12 = low quality - every octave and more muffled)

    Sets the maximum number of semitones the sound can be pitched up or down, avoids having unusable sounds that take up more space and increase load time

    Sets the Part Selector number that this preset will be associated with, can be renamed manually later)