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Extract a Wavetable and a Hammer Sample from just a single Audio File (Accepts 44.1 or 48 kHz, 16bit .wav)

From Audio - Automatically detects fundemental frequency by analysing audio. From Filename - Searches filename for note info e.g. _Eb4_ or _D3_ (uses Scientific Note Standard where Middle C = C4)

Remove frequencies from the hammer audio that already feature in the wavetable. (0 = No Effect, 1 = Removes Fundemental Only, -1 = Removes all pitch information)

Set the length of the Hammer Sample in seconds. Shorter is better. Fade out begins at the halfway point

Phase smoothing improves the playback quality of the wavetable at the cost of removing some temporal detail, low values are better for speech or drums and high values work well with pitched sounds

Create Preset

Create a Pianophonic Preset from a selection of Wavetables and Hammer Files (.wav)

Adapts the preset to the type of sound you are creating. Piano - Oscillators are synced at the start and the loop is near the end, Synth - Free running oscillators and loops from start to end

Sets the number of keys a single wavetable is assigned to before being resampled, 1 = high quality, 12 = low quality - every octave and more muffled)

Sets the Part Selector number that this preset will be associated with, can be renamed manually later)